LUSD Farmers Markets

2016 LUSD Farmers Market Events

Tracy Press Article on 2016 LUSD Farmers Market
Our K-8 Elementary School students participated in a nutrition lesson where they were given the opportunity to shop at their school’s Farmers Market.  Each of the students were given school bucks to purchase from a variety of fruits and vegetables.  They learned about the nutritional value of each of these produce items so that they will understand how to make healthy food choices for themselves and share what they learned with their families.  Our students also learned the value of a dollar during this lesson.   

Taylor Farms
Taylor Farms, who believes strongly in community involvement, donated all produce  and logo backpacks for this event for the past two years.  We are extremely grateful to Taylor Farms for their generosity and support of our students’ health and education. We would also like to thank our Wellness Committee, our L.U.S.D. staff and awesome Parent Volunteers.  Without their participation, this event would not have been possible.